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Frequently Asked Questions:

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  1. What does Fun Pro cover?
  2. What doesn't Fun Pro cover?
  3. What coverages are included with a Fun Pro policy?
  4. How do I apply?
  5. What will my quote include?
  6. What happens after I apply?
  7. I only work three months out of the year. Can I have a policy for only my busy season, or can I have coverage per event?
  8. How do I contact an underwriter for assistance?
  9. What if I purchase or sell equipment during my policy period?
  10. Why should I pick Fun Pro?

What does Fun Pro cover?

Mobile inflatable rental operators

Event Planners

Halloween/Holiday houses

Agri-tourism including pumpkin patches, u-pick operations, corn mazes, and hay rides

What doesn't Fun Pro cover?

Rental operators who allow pick-ups

After school, day care, or camp services

Family entertainment centers

Putt-putt golf centers

Amusement parks

Event venues and sponsors

Large party supply companies

Retail operations

What coverages are included with a Fun Pro policy?

We offer the following coverages:

General Liability - Pays for bodily injury or property damage that cause a financial loss to others, when you or your equipment are responsible.

Property - Covers your building, if owned, business personal property, business income, and tenants betterments and improvements.

Inland Marine - Protects your equipment while in storage, en-route to a site, and on site if you are a rental operator.

Accident and Health - Pays for covered medical expenses regardless of fault. This is not available in all states.

Terrorism - Coverage is also available upon request.

How do I apply?

We make doing business with Fun Pro easy.

You choose how to submit your information to us, either online or by printing an application.

Please note - the online application is for direct customers only. Producers must submit a paper application.

For the fastest way to a quote, direct customers can just select the Online Application Icon and submit your company information. Once we have receive your application we will respond to you with your quote.

Before you begin please make sure you have the latest Flash Player Installed on your computer.

Click above to print a paper application. Completed applications can be submitted by mail, by email to New.Submissions@thomcoins.com, or by fax to 678-290-2200, Attention: New Submissions/Fun Pro.

We recommend applying online whenever possible.

What will my quote include?

Your quote will include a list of equipment based on your application, the limits you selected, and the total premium. The cover letter will instruct you on how to contact your underwriter and how to purchase coverage.

Please check your quote carefully for errors. Contact your underwriter by phone or email to make any revisions necessary. Revisions may require changes in the premium resulting in a new quote and finance agreement.

Your quote will also include the following:

1. Information about accident and health coverage (not available in all states). If coverage has already been requested, Accident and Health premium will be included in your quote.

2. Information about membership in the Event Planners Association. You are eligible for premium discounts if you elect to become a member.

3. A finance agreement showing down payment and monthly payments. If you wish to finance, you will sign and return the finance agreement when you purchase your insurance.

4. A list of items required to bind (purchase) your insurance. We cannot bind without all the information we request. Normally, we ask for a copy of your rental agreement to make sure it includes a hold harmless agreement, waivers that you use, copies of your maintenance and inspections checklists, and copies of any safety and training materials you use for your employees and customers.

5. A bind request form. Your signature with the date indicates to the underwriter your intent to purchase coverage.

6. Other items that might be requested are your FEIN number, a statement of no loss if you have worked without insurance for a period of time, loss runs from your prior carrier, or information specific to your operations.

What happens after I apply?

Direct customers who apply online will be given a reference number when you complete the application. Keep that reference number handy for follow-ups.

Your application will be put into the underwriter's queue as soon as it is completed. Quotes are handled according to the date they are received.

Average processing times

Direct customers: Allow 24-48 hours for online applications and 2-4 business days for paper applications to be processed.

Producers: The underwriter does not receive the application until the agency appointment process has been completed. Once the appointment process is complete, the quote will be processed within 1-3 business days.

Rates are based on the type of equipment and the number of pieces you have. If you do not list a piece of equipment, it will not be covered.

When you apply, you are under no obligation to purchase the insurance. Once you receive a quote, you have 30 days from the quote date to purchase your policy. After 30 days, a new quote may be necessary.

Please check your quote carefully for errors. Contact your underwriter by phone or email to make any revisions necessary. Revisions can mean changes in the premium that would require a new quote and finance agreement.

You may send your bind request form with all information to us with a check for payment in full or for the down payment, if you have sent in a signed finance agreement. You can also fax or email the required information with your bind request form and call your underwriter to make a payment through e-check, Visa, or MasterCard.

I only work three months out of the year. Can I have a policy for only my busy season, or can I have coverage per event?

We do not write per event insurance. Halloween/holiday houses and agri-tourism policies can be written per quarter. For all other policies, a seasonal credit may be applied at renewal for accounts in northern states that have remained in good standing for the full first year.

How do I contact an underwriter for assistance?

Click here to visit our Contact us page.

What if I purchase or sell equipment during my policy period?

Our policies are rated based on the equipment you own and listed on the policy. If you add or remove equipment during your policy term, you will need to submit the change request in writing to your underwriter/agent.

You will be contacted with the premium change and provided instructions on how to proceed to finalize the change request.

It is important to maintain a current equipment list because equipment not listed on the policy is not covered.

We encourage our customers to contact their underwriter prior to purchasing new equipment. This helps you understand the additional cost associated with the insuring a new piece of equipment and your underwriter can also help identify equipment that meets our safety standards.

Why should I pick Fun Pro?

THOMCO is a division of Markel Services, Inc. All polices* are written on Markel paper and Markel is an A-rated carrier.

Our staff has over 15 years experience in this specialized market.

Ease of doing business with an easy online application process and the ability to print certificates of insurance from our website 24/7.

A Fun Pro policy offers the following at no additional cost:

- Additional insureds

- Primary and noncontributory

- Waiver of subrogation

*A&H Policy is underwritten by NUFIC.